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Gab-Fest: Day 17

This is day 17 of Gab-fest. I actually compiled this post yesterday because I was reminded of a song at church that I absolutely love. I wanted to put it into a day before I forgot about it. So between gathering with our church family and going to work, I put this together.

You’ll also notice in the weeks and months to come, that if I do post on Mondays, it will be a scheduled post. I discovered today that with working weekends, I need to take a day as my Sabbath, a day to escape and relax the craziness of the everyday life.

Key Lyrics for me:
My dept is paid
Theres nothing that can separate
My heart from Your great love

I hope you enjoy this song, and allow it to challenge you to take some time to think about these lyrics.
Maybe you’re at a point in your life where it seems like everything isn’t only helpless, but hopeless as well. Please let these words sink in. Allow the truth that His love will NEVER give up. God’s love will NEVER fail. Not just that, but that it will NEVER run dry.
Want to know more about what that means? Please don’t hesitate to ask.

What have you been learning?

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