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Gab-fest Day 5: Music

Continuing along with the 31 days of blogging in October. I’m linking up with other writers as we challenge ourselves and encourage others to continue on this path.

Today’s dedication song is probably the hardest one for me to decide on. You see, six years ago (today!!) I started dating my best friend. It was my first relationship, and the same for him. Little did I know that 3 years later we’d be engaged, and a year and a half after that, we’d be married. 
So as I’m scrolling through the songs that I want to dedicate to my husband, there are like 3-4 that came to mind. All described us at a different point in our relationship. So today, I’m not going to post just one song, I’m going to post each of the songs that came to mind.
So here it goes:
This song, is one that he dedicated me and still, when I hear it, I think of him:
The next is a song that came out while we were dating. When I heard it, I dedicated it to him:
This song was one we danced to at prom, and then again at our wedding:
This song has been the most recent one that came out. I wrote another blog on it, you are more than welcome to read it here:
I hope you enjoyed these songs today. 🙂 

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