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October is coming!!!

Okay, so I read about a gab-fest that’s going on next month. Writing on one topic every day of October…initially I thought, “there’s no way I could do that, not with my work schedule!”

Then I noticed something on the right hand of my screen…a little feature that says “schedule”. I realized that I could pre-post the blogs and schedule them to post while I’m at work.

That got my wheels turning…what could I possibly talk about for the whole month of October? So I spent the weekend, while at work thinking about it.

Then it hit me, at almost every point in my life there has been at least 2-3 songs that have carried me through a particular time. So I thought I’d share some of those throughout the month. I so hope you join me. I am going to try (really try) to make a post a day. They may be short, but each one will contain a little piece of my heart.

Can’t wait to start sharing with you!

What have you been learning?

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