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5 Minute Friday: "Joy"

It’s Friday again. That means time for another 5 minute Friday. I’m linking up with Gypsy Mama again. Each week she gives us a word or phrase to write about. We write for 5 minutes, no correcting, no worries, just write. 

Today’s topic is joy and my 5 minutes start….

Joy. Joy has been my life jacket all through out my life. It wasn’t until after I told someone my story that I realized how large of a help joy had been. When I was asked, “how did you go through all that alone.” The only thing I could think was that I had my God with me, and had it not been for Him, I wouldn’t have made it.
Joy is one of the hardest things to maintain in my life. If I let go of it too soon, then I find myself in a pit of depression. If I choose to be an optimist, I can float along anything with the joy of my Creator in my heart. 
Sometimes we all need someone to give us an extra dose of the joy they have. The best way to help someone who’s down is to love on them, helping them find their value in themselves and reminding them they are not alone. By offering them support, it helps their joy get refilled, especially when it’s the hardest.
So lets go about this week pouring joy into others rather then judgement. 

Now it’s your turn. Pop back and leave the link to your 5 minute friday post, and I promise I’ll join on your page and leave some love. 🙂


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