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Waters Rise

Have you ever had a time when you felt like you were drowning? Like everything was spinning out of control and it was all you could do to keep yourself from getting pulled under? Last week was one of those periods of time. After a couple whirlwind weeks, I found myself feeling like I was about to drown. That if one more thing would have risen up, I would have been under, I could have crumpled under the pressure.

Isn’t God great? Just when you get to the point that you just can’t take anymore, He steps in, and takes control. Or rather, we get to the point of giving up and let Him have the control that He should have had all along. It was about midway through last week that I felt like giving in. You guys knew it, I wrote a post about.

It was right at that time I felt the urge, the pull to start writing about what was going on in my personal, private journal. So I sat down with it, little did I know, God was going to take me all the way back to January when a couple of the situations first arose. With each page I turned in my calendar, as I wrote each paragraph in my journal, something amazing happened. Little by little, step by step, the weight was lifting. I was being freed. I was being lifted out of the water, He was putting my feet back on the Solid Ground. I was getting closure.

While I’m not out of the woods yet, there are still a couple situations I need to write through, I feel a million times better. I’m sure as the next couple days go on, and I write through the last few things, more freedom will come. Maybe, just maybe then the weight will be completely gone–or mostly anyway.

As I look back on the past eight months, I can’t help but be thankful for many things throughout all of the struggles this year has proposed thus far. So below, I continue the list I started a couple weeks ago. Instead of looking back at the last week, and the past several months and letting all the murky water intimidate me, I am going to choose to look ahead and up at the clean Water.

21.    The ultimate Lifeguard
22.    The ability to live above the waves
23.    Justice
24.    An amazing support system
25.    Journaling
26.    A Bigger perspective
27.    Closure
28.    Forgiveness
29.    A forgiving heart
30.Steps to freedom
31. Overcoming depression
32.Music to nourish my soul
33. My personal health

What are you thankful for?

What have you been learning?

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