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3 thoughts on “"New"–today’s 5 minute Friday

  1. You are His and you are beautiful. It's tough to remember sometimes because of this world's definition of "beauty", but the world is empty, temporal, and wrong. Thank goodness for a Savior who saved us from it! Thank the Lord for His Word and the truths He has written for us in His love letter! And thank you for being real and for challenging me to find my identity in Christ, who has made me a new creation!

  2. Thank you for this! I love the take you had on the topic. You ARE beautiful, and I can tell you this because of the piece of your heart you have shared with us… because it, too, is beautiful! Never forget that outward beauty fades, but inward beauty will last a lifetime! Thanks for this piece of who you are!

  3. Thank you Amy, for putting words to what so many women struggle with. Keep on hanging onto God's words about you . . . they are spirit and LIFE! Thanks for your encouraging comment on my first 5 Minute Friday post.

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