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New Week

It’s Monday. Most people HATE Mondays. For me, however, the are a welcomed break. After a busy weekend at work, I look forward to the break. Mondays are the start of a new week for me. Mondays are the start of my weekend.

With the week looming ahead of me, I look forward to all that is to come. Today is a day for me. A day to get caught up on my devotions. A day to bless friends that might have slipped through the cracks over the weekend. Today is my day to, probably most importantly, relax and recoup from the weekend.

With the next three days full, relaxation today is exactly what will be needed. However, the next three days aren’t full in the same ways last week were. I get the joy of seeing the little one I watched the past 2 school years for a couple days. I am so excited to see him.

The idea of not going back next school year to work with him, still hurts some days. That’s a thought I hadn’t given until just now. Him and his family have been SO supportive over the past several years. They’ve seen me at my best, but more often, they saw me at my worst–many times and still allowed me to work for them. To see them again will definitely be the highlight of my week.

Wednesday marks the start of week 2 of Kevin and my journey to become financially free from the strain of debt. We are so blessed to have a church family to walk along side us in this process. More importantly, we have our 2 best friends going through the class with us, which will help us stay accountable to the path we’ve started.

Friday is the next day for me, this time instead of unwinding from the busy weekend, it’ll be a day to relax and prepare for the work weekend ahead of me. Friday will probably be laundry day. Which means an afternoon at mom’s.

Throughout this week, it is my goal to make it to the gym AT least 3 times. I have a goal to meet by next fall, which means it’s time to start now. My goal is one pound a week. So far I’ve made it to the gym this morning. Time to kick my behind to keep up the motivation.

Quiet time is definitely at the top of the list. Whether it means going out to a park and reading, or shutting myself up in our room, or going to a coffee shop, it needs to happen, it’s going to happen. Feel free to keep me to this too…AND to the  goal above as well. 🙂

Time for me to get off of here for a while. Gotta do a couple errands and get to the quiet time. Have a blessed week friends. I will be checking in soon.

What have you been learning?

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