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5 Minute Friday: "Whole"

It’s time again for another 5-minute Friday. This week the topic is whole. I got the idea from Gypsymama.

The rules: Write non-stop for 5 minutes on the given prompt. Don’t edit. Just let the words come.

Are you ready?



When I think of the word whole, I think of something in it’s entirety. If you saw my most recent post it was on doing things wholeheartedly.

God’s amazing isn’t He? There must be more that I need to write on this subject. So here it goes.

Being whole is to be complete. When some think of being whole, they think of finding their spouse. Finding their “other half”. Why does it take another earthly person for us to consider ourselves to be whole? Why can’t we look to the Creator of everything earthly to make us whole?

That’s His plan. To find our wholeness, our passion, our purpose in Him and no one else. To be whole in Him, is to be confident in who He made us to be as well. To be whole in Christ means to take each uncertain step in faith that He will not let us fall. To be whole in Him means to love with reckless ambition. To love no matter what the cost.

To be whole in God, most importantly is to be completely selfless. To sacrifice ourselves for His purpose.

Wholeness is something we all struggle with, myself included. Join me in the fight to find my wholeness in my Creator, will you?


Now it’s your turn. Either write one on your blog or use the comment space below to write your 5 minutes worth of thoughts on the word “whole”.

2 thoughts on “5 Minute Friday: "Whole"

  1. you are truly one of the few out there. I was never looking for a significant other when mine came around, so I never thought about it. I do know many people who feel like they aren't complete without having that person though. My ultimate goal is to reflect Christ onto other people, without being whole in Him, or at least wholly committed to Him, I don't see that as being plausible.

  2. Fighting to find wholeness in our Creator … that's exactly what it is. A FIGHT. And I fall often, forgetting to look to Him. Let's pray for each other! Loved this post. Amy

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