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That one thing

There will always be that one thing. Sometimes it will be multiple things. At different times throughout life, this one thing will be different. For some that one thing will always be the same. Each person has that one area that leaves us begging God saying, “I do believe, help my unbelief.”
Let’s see that one thing for me changes almost daily. The most common one for me is the struggle with insecurity. The others include everything from financial struggles, to learning what a godly wife looks like; among at least a dozen others.
I’m sure for you, other things come to mind and that’s okay. Being we are all created different, it only makes sense that we would have different things that rouse unbelief. Whatever that one thing is, if we really want to overcome it, the only way to do it is to take it to the One who created us.
How many times have we been stressed over something that is out of our control. If we’re honest, the things we allow to steal our time, our attention, our focus, are frivolous things that won’t matter in the Big picture. The picture we can’t see.
If we can’t see the Big picture, His picture, how can we know what lays ahead. Some times, to conquer the beast of unbelief we need to face it. Other times, God wants us to ask him to help our unbelief, if that’s the route He wants to heal us, then it won’t happen until we sincerely pray that prayer. The one that releases us from having to control our lives and gives Him the freedom to do as we ask. The prayer that leads to freedom.
Freedom from our fears. Freedom from our insecurities. Freedom from our worries. Freedom from the worldly things that constantly weigh us down.
My challenge for you (and myself) is to pray your heart out. When the ugly beast of unbelief starts to creep up and overwhelm us, take a step of faith and pray to God to erase our unbelief and replace it with trust and faith in Him to have our best interests in perspective.
I’m not saying this is going to be easy. Actually, I am confident that it won’t be. It will take time. All I can guarantee is that it will be worth each and every step of the journey. Here’s a song to keep you hanging in there while you’re waiting in the in between. The in between of living in unbelief and living in belief of the Creator of us all.

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