When will the wounds quit getting torn open? Wounds that I thought to be healed years ago. Through one conversation, one topic, they got opened again. I’m sure they’re used to remind me of something, but of what? Maybe it’s to remind me of how His wounds get reopened when we do something against Him. If so, why now? Maybe it’s because I never completely worked through them all. How not? Maybe it’s because my heart/guard needed torn down to help others see something. But what?

It’s not clear to me now, it might not be clear to me tomorrow, or this weekend, but hopefully over the course of the next few weeks, my eyes will be opened to the reasons.

All I can cling to is the promise I have that He will work all things to benefit me in the end. He’s got a plan for reopening these old, festering wounds that I thought were closed up. Even though I can’t see what it is, or why right now, I know beyond a shadow of doubt that He will prevail in this. He will allow healing and understanding. I just have to trust Him to lead me to the answers.