Here it is

A duty, engagement, guarantee, must, need, pledge, promise, responsibility, undertaking, vow, word; what do these words have in common? It’s simple, they all have been used to define commitment. Perhaps the most common way someone defines commitment is by using the word promise.

Commitment is by definition the state of being bound emotionally or intellectually to a course of action or to another person or persons. This sort of commitment is something that is virtually non-existent anymore. Commitment can be to anything, whether it be a job, a loved one, consequences, whatever. There’s no need for anyone to commit to anything or anyone anymore.

In a world that is all about me, making myself better, ensuring that I’m taken care of, why should we be asked to commit to anything? Our world today is made up of broken promises, people in denial about everything, and the refusal to do anything. It’s no wonder that since, that is the world we live in, that no one would be able to commit to anything wholly. Why would be be able to? We’ve learned how to do everything that is the very opposite of commitment.

Commitment is something that is very overlooked in our world today. In fact, we find every way imaginable to get out of the commitments we’ve made. We have a system of getting out of everything, from marriage, to debt, to events, to consequences of actions, to pregnancy, everything. Anything that the word commitment can be tied to, we’ve found a way to “get out of it”.

With this being said, in a world where commitment is nonexistent, how do we teach ourselves the true meaning of commitment, and how to commit to something? The only way I’ve been able to grasp how to do this, is by turning to the very One who created commitment. When God promised something to one of His people, He followed through on that promise. I know what you’re saying, God is incapable of breaking his promises, and you’re right. This being true, if we are to strive to be like Him, then we are to strive to be a person who keeps promises.

One thing most of us tend to forget, is that if we make a commitment to something, or someone, we’re not only making a commitment to that. We’re also making a commitment to God. Since He will NEVER break his commitment to us, how do we think we can get off breaking a commitment to Him.

Where’s grace fit in to this? If we break a commitment (whether intentionally or not) and we bring our transgression to God, with a repentant heart, in His word, we are told that He will be faithful and just to forgive us.

Growing up, I may not have had the best examples of commitment, but somewhere along the line, the power and meaning of commitment was instilled within me. I can only credit God with placing this within me. When I see a majority of the people around me taking commitment lightly, it upsets me. It’s been upsetting me for several months now, and I needed to let people know how I felt.

So here it is.



I’m tired of being insecure.
     Give me your security.

I’m tired of being afraid.
     Give me your confidence.

I’m tired of being stagnant.
     Give me a passion for You

I’m tired of being doubtful.
     Give me firm faith in You.

     Your beloved.